There’s a new dentist in town
October 8, 2017


Dr. Sigita Jankunas began working at the Reinbeck Family Dental Clinic office on September, 18, 2017. Dr. Koele retired on September 15, 2017 after many years of serving the community as the local dentist.

Dr. Jankunas graduated from Kaunas Medical University in Lithuania in 1991 and worked as a dentist in Lithuania for 12 years before moving to the United States. She continued her education at the University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco to obtain her dental licence in the U.S. for international students and graduated in 2008 as a general dentist.

After completion of the program Dr. Jankunas has worked in Arizona, Cedar Falls, Canada and Vermont.

Dr. Jankunas, her husband Jim and daughter Indre really enjoy living in the midwest and began searching for an office to purchase that was located in Iowa or Illinois. When Dr. Koele's office became available the family jumped at the opportunity to purchase the dental clinic and move to a smaller town.

The Reinbeck Family Dental Clinic is located at 501 Main Street #2 in Reinbeck. Office hours are Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Tel: 319-345-6667. Dr. Jankunas is currently accepting new patients.


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